All the Things

All the Things

Fijne Hemelvaartsdag and Bevrijdingsdag fellow Dutchies! (Ascension day and Liberation Day). What a beautiful day it is for the celebration and festivities in the Netherlands! Alex and I went to the Bevrijdingsfestival (Kind of like a 4th of July) here in Den Bosch. We listened to the live music from various bands (Moonshine Brigade was my favorite) and sat around reading and sunbathing and knitting at the lake for the rest of the afternoon. A day well spent. Bring on summer!


-The sea of bikes outside the festival.



image-“Everything that’s truly great and inspiring was created by an individual that could work in freedom.” -Albert Einstein


-Moonshine Brigade


I finished the “Lazy Hiker” shawl while binging episodes of Salem with Alex. I got to the last panel and just couldn’t stop. It was the final stretch and rows were getting shorter and shorter. I had to finish it and I was so ready to be done and at 2 o’clock in the morning, it was done and steam blocked. I could not be more happy with how it turned out. Easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever with these sticks and string.


File_000 (1)



I look at it and I just feel so proud. That’s the best part of knitting and crocheting for me. The feeling you get when you finish something wonderful with your own two hands. Not to mention that knitting and crocheting helps me cope with anxiety and has been proven to improve your motor skills, promotes a healthy brain AND helps prevent arthritis. Alright, alright,  I’ll cut the science lecture. Still, with everything considered, nothing lifts my spirits quite like a hand crafted garment.

After a fairly long project and mainly working on the same thing, I had several empty needles and now I want to make all the things. I’ve started another shawl,  a lightweight summer hat for Alex, a just barely cast on beach bag and something with granny squares. Haven’t quite decided where I’m going with the squares but they’re pretty to look at so I just keep making them!


IMG_20160503_195455-Shawl (Pattern Name “Reyna” on Ravelry)

IMG_20160505_210057-Lightweight Summer Hat for Alex.

IMG_20160505_211906-Pretty Granny Squares for a mystery to me project.

As you can see I most definitely have my hands full! Not to mention I was gifted a knitting loom set from the local Stitch & Bitch a few weeks ago. (Thanks Franna!) I love learning new techniques so I’m curious to try to make a hat from one of the looms. So many projects so little time.

More to come, hopefully with FO’s to show off!

-Wol Harpy