Hello all! I’ve some exciting news to share with you all, but first let’s do some catching up….again. Since last I wrote I’ve become an avid sock knitter (sock addict), a curator of sock yarn (hoarder), and a novice designer (more about that later)! So let’s talk projects. Since it’s been a while I’ll show some of my most recent finished objects.

From left to right we have a lonely Vanilla Sock , my Spruce Harbor Shawl, and a pair of shorty socks for Mom.

Aaaand now for the WIP parade. It’s out of control, I need help! Just kidding. I need to knit faster! I have 4 socks going at the moment. No, I was not kidding about my sock addiction. I can only fully show 3 of which right now since the 4th is a design of my own that I hope to release very soon! The goal is October 1st so stay tuned for that! Among all the socks I have two hats going, a brioche scarf, a lace shawl and a Cozy Memories blanket on my needles.


Some vanilla socks, the start of what I hope to be another sock design and the basket where all my happy sock WIPs live. As always, these projects can always be found on my ravelry project page. I like to keep them up to date and full of notes which can be found here.


From top left clockwise we have :

  1. Old Gods of the Forest Hat
  2. Sockhead Hat
  3. Cozy Memories Blanket
  4. Daenerys Shawl



This is a brioche scarf I’m currently knitting for my husband. There’s no real pattern since its just the brioche stitch with an icord edge. I do have notes in my project page for it though and it can be found here.

Now I mentioned that I’ve been dipping my toes in the waters of pattern designing and let me tell you, it’s SO MUCH FUN. I have created a simple sock design with my husband in mind that I’m so excited to share with you all.


Behold! A teaser of my “Wormhole Socks”! The texture in combination with the yarn reminds me of space, and being sucked through a wormhole to another dimension. I hope to release this pattern on October 1st so be sure to follow me here and on Instagram to get all the details on release day!

I’d like to add a few new segments to the blog such as favorite things and reviews. The review segment won’t be regular but the favorite things will be! This week I have a review for you guys. I have been gifted a beautiful set of KnitPro Zing interchangeables from a dear friend back in July and I also recently acquired 2 pairs of fixed circulars. Just as quick disclaimer, I have not been paid or asked to review these needles but rather love them so much that I thought I’d share why I think they’re awesome and what the few cons I could come up with are. All my opinion of course, so take from it what you will. The Knitpro Zing Melodies of Life interchangeable set is such a joy to work with. In this set you get 9 needle sizes from 3.5mm to 8mm (US 4 to 11). You also get 8 endcaps, 4 cables, 4 cable keys, one set of cable connectors, a set of wool needles, a set of stitch holders and 2 pairs of earrings made out of the same wood they made their wooden needle sets out of. Talk about a filled to the rim box!

Each needle size is it’s own color to easily spot which size you’re looking for. Not only are the needles colored beautifully, but they’re smooth, lightweight and just pointy enough to easily knit increases and decreases without stabbing my fingers with my knitting style. There is a tiny bit of a “grip” while knitting with these needles but I found that to have faded after knitting a bit on them. They stitches glide across evenly and allow me to knit faster and more precisely. The joins are completely smooth and there are zero snags while knitting. The cords are also colored based on size and in the set you get one 60cm, two 80cm, and one 100cm (one 24″, two 32″, and one 40″) cords. I can honestly say I’m 100% happy with this set of needles.


The joins! Perfection!

Like I mentioned before, I also have 2 pairs of KnitPro Zing fixed circulars in the 2.5mm (US 1.5) size. I use them for sock knitting and have the same immense enjoyment using them save one, if I’m to be honest, failed design feature. The join. I’m a magic loop sock knitter so the first few rounds can be very tight and fiddly and I found myself getting frustrated having to force my stitches back on the needle. Now this did dissipate after the first 5 rounds or so and I will continue using them because I love how they feel in my hands and how the stitches flow over the tips but I’m not nearly as happy with the fixed needles as I am with my interchangeable set. The join also seems to be much worse on the one of the fixed needles so maybe I just got a bad circular.


Pictured here are the KnitPro Zing fixed circulars and a surprise skein of Opal!


Join on the KnitPro Zing 2.5mm fixed circulars. I hope you can see that roughness that catches on the beginning rounds of stitches. Below you can see the the Lana Grossa sock needles that I was using previously has a much smoother join.


All in all I’m pretty pleased with these needles and see myself using them for years to come. I don’t feel the for another set of interchangeables needles. I’m not entirely sure I’d purchase anymore of the fixed circulars since the join really annoys me but like I said, I’ll use the ones I have nonetheless. Alright, enough needle rambling.

Lets move on to my favorite thing this week. About a month or so ago I received a package from home and among all the goodies was a small box that my Dad made me to put all my knitty notions in. It sits beside me every day and I get so much joy looking at it. It’s a nice reminder that home doesn’t have to feel so far away and that a piece of my Dad is with me forever.


It’s beautifully crafted, as anything he makes always is, and has perhaps my biggest passion woodburned into it along with my married name. Things made from the heart are worth more than anything you could ever purchase. And because I know my parents read this blog, I’d like to thank them for all the thoughtful things they send my way.

So that wraps up this weeks entry. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing everything with you all.  I can be found on RavelryInstagram, and Facebook. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me below or send me an email at wolharpy@gmail.com. I love hearing from you guys! Have a great week!



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