Four Legged Children

Four Legged Children

It’s world pet day today and in honor of that, I thought what better time to share my zoo with the world. My husband and I have 5 pets and we love them all dearly. It can be chaotic sometimes and a comedy show at other times.

First up we have Padmè named after Queen Padmè Amidala herself. (There is a heavy Star Wars naming theme going on.) She is the leader of our band of misfits. She is always looking out for her sisters to give a right smack to when misbehaving. Her favorite pastimes include looking down on others from high places and reminding our dog that she will never like him.

Next up is Sabè, named after Queen Amidala’s double. She is very petite and feminine and she loves herself more than anything….even fancy cat snacks and wet food. Her favorite hobbies include grooming herself hours at a time and lightly nomming on her hoomans noses.

Jyn is another creature entirely. Sure she looks like a cat, but really she aspires to be pasta. Pictured below are her three favorite forms: extended spaghetti, fusilli and lazy noodle. Her favorite hobbies include trying to get the dog to love her, stealing the dogs bed and eating various objects such as ribbon and knitting needle cables.

Rey is the mischievous troublemaker. She’s always into something and she knows her name super well on the count of us always getting after her. She’s also a lover of cuddles and face boops and soft piles of clothes to lay on. Her best friend is our dog, Vedder. Her favorite hobbies include surprise attacking Jyn from any corner of the apartment, getting yelled at and plotting world domination as pictured below.

The last four legged fur child is our Blue Merle Rough Collie, Eddie Vedder. He is the star of the show and he knows it and enjoys reminding us that any and all attention belongs to him. 24/7. His best friend is Rey and he really wishes Jyn would stop trying so hard. He’s just not that into her. His favorite hobbies include running next to a bike, playing tug o’ war with his stuffies, cuddling and eating all the cookies you can feed him. Oh and napping.

Alright now that I’ve doted upon all of my fur children, I’ve remembered this actually is a knitting and general crafty blog. Onward with the FOs!

I finished a hat this week, and of course the socks for my pattern release. Speaking of which, today is your last chance to get it for free!

The hat pattern is Old Gods of the Forest by Allyson Anderson and it was a really enjoyable knit. The pattern is a freebie and it only used about 120m (130y) of DK weight yarn. Fantastic!

As for WIPs I’ve been working on a sockhead hat for the husband and a plain vanilla sock. Neither of which I’ve made spectacular progress but it’s progress none the less. As The Knit Girllls say, if you’ve completed a row it counts! If you don’t know who The Knit Girllls are (I’d be shocked if you didn’t know), I highly recommend their podcast. The sockhead hat is being knit out of some Countess Ablaze yarns in a one of a kind colorway, Question Authority. The vanilla sock is being knit out of some H&W Germany sock yarn that I picked up at my local yarn shop. I seem to have thrown away the label so I can’t say the exact colorway. Oops!

I have plans to pull out my scrappy blanket soon and put a few squares in that and work on the brioche scarf that’s also for the husband. He’s spoiled, but I do love that he happily wears what I make him!

My favorite thing this week has to be these little circular needle stoppers from Clover. They’re inexpensive and they save my needles from getting all twisted or the tips from poking through my various project bags. Such a simple thing but I really think they’re a definite must have in any knitters notion kit.

That wraps my my week so far. As always, thank you for taking the time to come over and see what I’ve been up to! If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below or send me an email. I can be found on Ravelry, Facebook and Instagram as Wolharpy. I always enjoy hearing from all of you. Also a special thank you to everybody who supported my first pattern release on Ravelry! I had no idea the overwhelming support it would receive and I can’t wait to see what other knitters do with it. Happy crafting all!


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